Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sharing Updates at Golden Curls Ranch

Hello all,
It's been a year since I had the time to sit down for moment and share our adventures at Golden Curls Ranch. So much has happened and we are preparing for our Mustang Celebration in October. Our two day event will included both Western and English classes which are open to all breeds and an on-site adoption of Mustangs with BLM. Mustang Heritage Foundation will be on hand to share information and helpful advice. More to come.......Angie

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blogging again with our Curly four legged friends

Hello all,
It has been a busy year and we are back on our Blog. Our Curly herd has grown and we are working hard on their training. In the past year we have enjoyed many wonderful moments in the saddle with our Curly horses, helping us learn to ride on our Curlies and sharing them with the horse world. Here are few photos we have taken over the past few months of our Stallions:
Chester in Cowboy Dressage Lessons,

O'Sparky in the saddle,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Golden Curls Ranch's Riding Camp 2011

Hey everyone, 
Even though it's been hot in Texas and everywhere else on the planet it seems, we find the best way to stay cool is Ride the Waves when riding a Curly{:>
We are also very lucky to have a wonderful Curly friend, John Upchurch. He is a great instructor and my friend. Wahoo....stay cool everyone and Ride the Waves....Angie in Texas

Golden Curls Ranch - American Honey teaches in our Summer Camps

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to share a short video of our sweet BLM Curly Mustang, Golden Curls American Honey. She has taken on a new role at Golden Curls Ranch as teacher. We have incorporated teaching our campers about watching a horse's body language and our gentling our Honey. Thanks for supporting us through this journey of trust and friendship.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A working breakfast with Golden Honey

Hey everyone,
We are really good at getting into routines at Golden Curls Ranch and if we are one second late for breakfast we hear about it. Well, I was two seconds late bringing our Golden Curls American Honey breakfast and when John and I opened her gate she was standing there looking at us with the "shame on you look on her face". But, she quickly forgave us and we shared breakfast and chatted a bit.

 OK, gotta see this....
John and Honey are connecting so well that she allows him to place the rope over her ears{:> Wahoo, I am so proud of them.

A very proud Angie and her Golden friends

Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey - Small Steps

Hello all, 

Saturday, I decided to give Honey another five days of the antibiotic, she still has a lot of drainage but the meds are working as the swelling is going down. Her right eye was split open and infected but it is improving. At this point I dont think there is permanent damage. 

She is gaining weight, little by little. Our Honey is a tall girl and unlike me at 5'4" who gets a bit pudgy in the middle just by looking at food, she stands an easy 15'2 hands and can eat all she wants without gaining an ounce.
 She is really coming along and I am happy with the small steps,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honey loves to munch, munch munch

Honey and I share a mid-day snack{>

Breakfast with Golden Honey

Hey good morning everyone,
Just wanted to share  Breakfast with Golden Honey my breakfast with Golden Honey....have a wonderful day, Angie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

John and Honey share a mid-day munch

Here are a few photos I snapped today of John and Honey sharing a mid-day munch...